HTF Radio Amateur map offer
World Prefix wall map HTF
Detail of European QRA locator map HTF
Detail of World Prefix map HTF
HTF - Detail of World Prefix map
Detail Azimuth Map Version 4
Detail of World Grid Squares Map

HAM Wall Maps Special Offer

HTF offer : two radio amateur wall maps with a choice of options and sizes.

2nd Map
  • QRA Version 1
  • QRA Version 2
  • QRA Version 3
  • Azimuth Version 1
  • Azimuth Version 2
  • Azimuth Version 3
  • Azimuth Version 4
  • World QRA
European delivery outside France
  • No
  • Yes
No tax


Currently on offer - one world prefix map with

one QRA locator map, or one azimuth map any version,

including lamination and delivery in mainland France.

The maps are printed on quality coated paper using pigmented inks which don't fade.

(Please note :  The images online are not in HD to avoid slow loading pages.)

Please choose the version of QRA or azimuth map (QRA V1, V2, V3, world  or  Azimuth V1, V2, V3, V4 ) to accompany the world prefix map.

The details of the maps will open when they are clicked.

  Carte Locators Européens Ver.1 HTF     Carte Locators Européens Ver.2 HTF     Carte Locators Européens Ver.3 HTF     QRA Monde

             QRA Version 1                         QRA Version 2                          QRA Version 3                          World QRA 

 Carte Azimutale Préfixée Ver.1 HTF            Carte Azimutale Préfixée Ver.2 HTF           Carte Azimutale Préfixée Ver.3 HTF         Azimuth World Map Version 4

   Azimutale Version 1                Azimutale Version 2               Azimutale Version 3              Azimuth Version 4

EU delivery outside France is available for an additional 15€.  Regrettably, this now excludes the UK.

Two sizes are available :

Small :  650mm x 910mm (43€)

Large :  910mm x 1280mm (55€)

As the azimuth maps are square rather than rectangular, they are smaller on one dimension.



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